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The Cost of Finding Out

We all have questions about things, things we wonder.

I think we all have wonders. And I think it's good for us that we do.

We have desires and curiosities. Everyone has something different and what's a curiosity for you may be of absolutely no interest to me. And that doesn't matter one bit.

We've all got some wonders.

We wonder if we could...

We wonder how we could...

We wonder what it would take to...

We wonder how hard it would be to...

You know, because you've got some wonders of your own.

The interesting thing is, that very few of us actually take the time to find out exactly what the ... is for our wonders. Not find out in a way that answers all of the questions. Or find out in a way that sees us doing or pursuing or achieving or even acting on in any way at all.

Simply finding out the answers to some of the questions we have is something we often avoid.

The wild thing is, it costs very little to find out. And yet, most people are afraid to do so.

It might cost more than we are willing to pay, which is why most of us like to pretend that it's so hard to find out, so we just keep our wonders at arm's length.

But the finding out part, that's usually both cheap and easy.

I'm pulling for you,


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