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Coaching and Consulting for Small business owners who are ready to move from operating to owning

Coaching and consulting for the small business owner who is looking to improve how they grow, lead, and manage their business and still have a meaningful life. 
I partner with purpose driven leaders and their teams who want to create meaningful and sustainable change in their business, without sacrificing what's most important in their lives.

this Is For You If...

You are ready to optimize your people, processes, and planning

After creating a clear and powerful vision for yourself, your team, and your company, and we'll co-create a structure to support that vision, now and into the future.  

You want to stop doing what you think you Should, and start Doing What matters to you

Create and sustain the conviction to play the game on your own terms, aligning your actions with your values.

You want to see real results

Get clear on how you are keeping score and create a reliable trackable system that will allow you to see how you are doing in 10 seconds or less. Through constant, two-way feedback, we'll stay committed to your desired outcomes throughout the process.  

You are an owner/operator who is ready to be more owner and less operator

 If you find yourself working longer or harder than you'd like, I can help you create systems and boundaries that allow you to work on the business, not in it.

Why Should I Hire A Coach? 

Trying to find solutions to the challenges we face in life and business can be difficult to do on our own. 

A good coach can provide you the partnership, accountability, and tools you need to help you take control over your thoughts, emotions and actions, so you can get the results you desire.

Oftentimes, an outside perspective can help us see, do, and address things differently than if we continued in the same direction on our own. 

Why Should I Hire You? 

 With a strategic mind, a successful business background, and a deep desire to serve my clients, Ill provide a sounding board, an idea machine, accountability towards your success, and an open, judgement free space to operate. 

Youll get a partner who is fully committed to you, the work, your values and helping you create sustainable success in a meaningful way. 

Well develop a clear, well defined process, built on consistent, two-way feedback. This will keep us on track, on the same page, and fully focused on your goals. 

What Is The Process Like? 

Truthfully, everyone is different, so there is no cookie cutter approach to our work together. 


That being said, generally, my partnerships with small business leaders usually focus on enhancing operations and taking their business to the next level, in a way that is sustainable both personally and professionally. We’ll do that by understanding your business story and vision, adding in new elements of intention and action, tracking the data that’s most important to you, and creating custom best practices that align with your values.  

What Is My Investment?

I do things a little bit differently...

I understand that coaching is an investment and one that I take very seriously. 

I also understand that there is no way that Im the perfect coach for everyone. 

So, well take three full sessions to make sure we are a good fit to work together, before you ever pay a dime. If, after three sessions, we decide its not a good match, well part as friends and go our separate ways. 


The financial investment is dependent on several factors including what you want to accomplish, the size of your organization, and what type of additional services you may need. 

Ill be able to give a more accurate answer after our first call, and I'll do so upfront, clearly, and with no gimmicks or hidden agenda. 

Will I Get Results?

I don't promise results, because I can't promise that I'm influential enough to change your thoughts, beliefs, or behaviors. That's up to you.

can promise that I will show up, do the work on my end, and hold the standard that you and I commit to. 

I do believe, unwaveringly, that if you'll do the work, we will figure it out, and your life and business will be changed for the better. 

Questions and Answers


Real People  -  Real Impact

personal coaching by Bryan Hendley Coaching

Bryan always seems to ask the right questions. He doesn't try to tell us how to run our business, but instead, he asks questions that help us see things we might be missing. It's great to have an outside perspective who is focused on helping us develop our story, our brand, and our team.


-Bo, Small Business Owner-


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